CJM & Prototyping

About the project

We were hired by a crypto startup with the task of creating a design concept for the ecosystem of the crypto exchange with the integration of a social media platform through which users could share their social activities and at the same time follow the trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, join groups, access courses and articles, share this information with friends and the wider community.

Research & design

For any project to get realized initial research is one of the most important phases of work.

For Blockoville UI UX research we went through competitors websites, examined the best practices that exist in the market. The research was divided into two subcategories. Examination of trading platforms for cryptocurrencies for creating the general interface and social media research, which included Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

The result

In the end, with Redesign team we created the solution and built Blockoville UI/UX which included several main functional possibilities:

- Buy/sell cryptocurrencies on the platform

- Find people with similar interests, message them, see their results in trading and get involved in the community

- Follow gurus of the field, follow them, receive important information and share it

As a result, Blockoville is a crypto-based platform that comprises social media with a trusted crypto exchange that is registered and licensed in Estonia, since 2018 and also registered in India and Singapore.