Design Support

About the project

Dank Bank is a unique NFT marketplace specialized on providing the chance to buy/sell/swap famous internet MEMEs fractions. Basically it’s one of the first platforms to provide buy/sell option for NFT shares.

The creators of the internet’s most legendary memes and viral videos mint NFTs which are then authenticated by Dank Bank highly-trained team of memelords. Project has already launched , design is done by Redesign team and Dank Bank core team.

Research & design

The research for this project was firstly done by Redesign team chief designers, who explored  foundation.app rarible.com and other prominent  industry leaders.

The UI concept was created as a crazy, unique performance of freedom on the web. We succeeded, the founders are still happily cooperating with our team. Here you can find official promo Landing page

The result

As a result we created a perfectly working NFT marketplace UI, which provides opportunities to buy/sell and collect rare Internet Memes.

The sign in process is as easy as just connecting your metamask wallet. The marketplace allows users to trade ETH, Matic and USDC for Meme fractions.

The design is pure crazy stuff.

You can see the alpha version at app.dankbank.co