CJM & Prototyping

About the project

Monax gives a chance for users to easily bond legal agreements to NFTs at the time of minting, creating a legal bridge between assets on and off chain to unlock the future of business.

Monax works with NFT marketplaces to provide the rails for creators to create, track, and enforce the legal terms surrounding the sale or exchange of their work on-chain. These agreements can never be separated from the tokens, providing the certainty needed to execute complex, high-value, and even multi-party transactions with NFTs.

Research & design

Monax product development team applied to us with some wireframes already in place. We examined the provided examples in great detail and came up with a total revamp suggestion of the NFT Minting / Buying / Selling  platform. Keeping the original ideas of UX the client deserved we developed a perfect UI they loved at first sight.

The result

We got a brand new UI/UX design for Monax , which is a niche specialized solution for minting, trading, swapping NFTs. It also brings an opportunity for the users to get legal basis for their NFT minting process.

The clients were happy with the research, design solutions and UI kit Redesign provided for them.